Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Update Pt 1

Merry (late) Christmas everyone! Hopefully there will be a part 2 coming soon...finally decide to update the blog & now my camera won't upload.  But here are some pics that were already uploaded.  Isn't Max so cute sitting on Santa's (aka "Posh's") lap?  Not quite smiling but at least he's not screaming so I'll take it.  Max started calling Santa "Posh," I guess because we first called him the full Santa Claus, & Posh was his version of Claus.  But then we just started saying Santa & he finally caught on.  

Visiting Aunt Tessa in Little Rock.  We had fun and Max did surprising well on the long car ride there with just the 2 of us.  (Much thanks to the backseat DVD player and Toy Story 1, 2 & 3)

Max with Sadie.  They had so much fun together! Even when Sadie would get really excited & accidently knock Max down he would still giggle.

Max at Thanksgiving with his new baby cousin Tess.  He loves to hold & kiss little babies (can't believe he's not a little baby anymore!)

The whole fam at a park in Dallas.  

Max & cousin Tucker climbing a tree

1st meeting with baby Tess...Mom why does she sleep so much?
The boys putting up the Christmas tree!

Max at his 18 month check-up.  It was his 1st appt where he didn't have to get stripped down to his diaper!  He was still at the top of the chart for height, 75% for weight, but unfortunately still had to get shots :-(

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Max was a giraffe for Halloween--we figured he'd make a great giraffe since he is so tall!  Friday mom took him to "Fall Festival" which was a carnival at our neighborhood elementary school.  Then on Saturday Cori took him to a trick or treating event at the mall and then once Mom got home from work we planned on passing out candy--but no one really came!  Big change from our old neighborhood where we used to pass out 10+ bags of candy!  Max had fun & loved Halloween (especially the candy part), and he even tolerated his giraffe hat most of the time!

Max picking a treat.
Max & Mom--I was a zebra (at least my purse was)
One minute please...I need more candy
I can't believe all the crazy costumes!
Chowing down on a snowcone!
Getting into his loot post-trick or treating
Halloween is awesome! Can I have chocolate every night?!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Summer pics!

 We have lots of updates & pics to share since the last blog!  We've been keeping busy--mom & dad are both working long hours in the ER, we go on trips and to visit family as often as possible, and when we're home we are still working on furnishing/decorating the new house (okay, it's almost been a year, it's not new anymore :-)
Max has been very busy running around--he's all boy he loves to play outside and get muddy!  He's talking up a storm and is growing like a weed as well--at his last doctor's appt he was off the chart for height and 75% for weight.
Here are some pics from the summer!

This was at my residency graduation in June--yay finally done!
With Toran & baby Harper on graduation

Max on Father's Day!

Max with cousins Will & Tucker, and Grandad

This is my grin I give mom to get out of trouble!


With the Smith kids at a neighbor's pool

Grand Lake 2010! Max loves the water & being on the boat!

Max's first tube ride

Uncle Jason does such a great job holding the boys!

Aunt KT's B-day!

With Aunt Tessa, in Wichita for Angel's baby shower

Sunday, June 6, 2010

MIA Max we've been MIA from the blog lately, but here's an overview of what Max has been up to.  One of his favorite things to do is to turn the computer off while Mom is working on it...hence one of the reasons we haven't been blogging (he once turned it off after Mom had been working on a power point for work for 3 hours--thank God for autosave--only lost 20 mins of work instead of 3!).
Monkey Max at his Monkey Themed 1st B-day party.  He went Bananas & had a Blast!

Cousin Tucker, Max's zookeeper for the party.

Yummmmm, birthday cake!!!

The boys washing off all that cake!
Max at his 1 year appt! He weighed in at 25 lbs (wouldn't be surprised if he had gained 2 more lbs since--the boy can eat!)--90% and 31 inches--95% 
1st haircut--before...

...and After! He thought it was funny & tickled & he just looked at the screaming kid next to us like he was crazy for crying.

Max with his new girlfriend, Harper. He loves to pat her head & give her kisses.

The boys after church

Playing in the splash pool

One of the few pics we captured both boys sort of smiling...getting two 1 year olds to cooperate for photo ops is pretty difficult:-)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Who can believe my little baby is one?!  The big celebration will be on Saturday--with lots more pictures to come, but today we had a lot of fun as well.  We gave opened a few presents, Max & Meggie hung out while Mom & Dad had work stuff to do.  We ate lunch with Papa & Great Aunts Bea & Patti at Cracker Barrell, Max & Mom played at the park, and then we had cake!  Lots more celebration to come, but we got things off to a great start today. 
Max after getting his new chair from Mom & Dad

Max climbing on his new chair...
Max loving his new chair after discovering it is just his size!
At Cracker Barrell with one of my new bibs from Aunt Patti
Birthday Cake!!!
Lots more B-day stuff to come! (Mom's I-Phone is messing up so we only get the stuff on the regular camera for now)